The Role of Safety and Health Consultants in Business

For people who care about helping to provide safer, healthier workplaces, as well as a safer environment, then working in the safety and health industry could be a perfect position for them. Consultants who work in this industry help design workstations designed to be more comfortable for workers, they help protect the public by testing air and water quality. They also advise companies about how to comply with safety, health and environmental regulations, as well as the cost to do so. Occupational Health & Safety Specialists either work for corporations and advise them on health and safety issues or they work for independent companies that are hired to advise them on those issues.

Companies that provide health and safety consultancy may specialize in certain industries, such as working with engineering, chemical or energy companies, or any other type of manufacturing company. HSE Safety Consultants in these areas usually have an education in biochemistry, biological engineering, occupational health sciences or environmental health sciences. The consultants may have either a Bachelor's or a Master's degree to work as an Industrial Hygienist in this field. These consultants make sure the company they are hired by know the hazards that exist on site, how to eliminate those hazards or work around them without harm being done to their employees and environment surrounding them.

If the company isn't compliant with local, state and federal regulations, Safety Management Consultants will evaluate the company's job sites and come up with a plan to help them become compliant. The plan may include how to eliminate hazards, how to dispose of chemical waste, make sure the air and water quality requirements are met, and a plan for training employees the appropriate way to work with chemicals or other hazards. Their plans will also include the amount of money needed for the company to meet those regulations and how much it would cost if they didn't.

For companies with locations in different countries, International Safety Consultants do the same type of work, but they must be aware of various regulations for safety, health and the environment for each country in which they have clients. Industrial hygienists may consult with a company about removing asbestos on their job site or they may make sure the air quality meets the standards for their clients' industries. For people that are concerned with keeping the environment clean and workplace safety, being a safety and health consult could be a rewarding career.